What is Lean N Clean®?

Lean N Clean® is an all natural indigestion remedy and intestinal cleansing product designed to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract of excess toxic build up. The toxins that accumulate in our digestive system can contribute to the development of:
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Unlike many detox cleanses Lean N Clean® is a proprietary mixture of water soluble fibers, detox herbs, and whole foods. When mixed with water or into diet smoothies, these ingredients form a fiber mesh that helps to absorb and remove waste and impurities that build up over time in the colon. Detox cleansing allows your body to rejuvenate itself and function optimally.  Lean N Clean® has a net weight of approximately 1 lb (497 gram). It contains 60 servings. If you take it twice a day, it will last 30 days. Taking it for maintenance once a day, it will last 60 days.

Why I Created Lean N Clean®

This firsthand experience with the consequences of an unclean GI tract, in addition to failing to treat my own intestinal problems and other issues with prescription medication for over a decade, led me to seek alternative methods to solve my own health problems. Read More >

How Lean N Clean® is Made

Many companies make claims that often seem too good to be true at prices that are designed to make people think, "If it's that expensive, it must work." We have chosen to take a different approach with Lean N Clean® and believe that the quality of a supplement is determined by two things... Read More >

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