Why is Cleansing Important?

diverticulitis, ibs, constipation, treatment supplement imageOur digestive system is one of the primary sources of toxicity in the body. This toxicity can result in a variety of intestinal problems and disease, including constipation, hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and tumors.

Our bodies are designed to take in nutrients (the good) and filter out toxins (the bad). Unfortunately, toxins build up inside the body over time. This toxic build up is the result of lifelong dietary choices in the form of processed foods that contain artificial colors and flavors, saturated fats, and chemical ingredients with names we can barely pronounce. Toxins also enter our bodies from the surrounding environment, including the air we breathe.

When the colon and intestines are congested, the body's ability to absorb nutrients and properly dispose of waste becomes inhibited. Consequently, a congested and polluted bowel can lead to disease, rapid cell aging, weight gain, allergies, and overall fatigue. Don't worry; there's a body detox solution.

Weight Loss Colon Cleanse & Body Detox

A detox cleanse with Lean N Clean® can help to eliminate waste and toxins that have built up in your body's cells, blood, bowels, and vital organs. Ongoing maintenance can positively impact your overall health and vitality by allowing the body to rejuvenate itself because it no longer needs to expend energy fighting the effects of toxins.

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