What is Lean N Clean®?

Lean N Clean® is an all natural indigestion remedy and intestinal cleansing supplement designed to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract of excess toxic build up. The toxins that accumulate in our digestive system can contribute to the development of:
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Unlike many detox cleanses Lean N Clean® is a proprietary mixture of water soluble fibers, detox herbs, and whole foods. When mixed with water or into diet smoothies, these ingredients form a fiber mesh that helps to absorb and remove waste and impurities that build up over time in the colon. Detox cleansing allows your body to rejuvenate itself and function optimally.

Lean N Clean® is an all natural body detox

  • NO harsh laxatives
  • NO stimulants
  • NO gluten
  • NO peanuts
  • NO dairy
  • NO yeast
  • NO hormones

Why Powder Formulations are Better Than Capsules or Tablets

Lean N Clean® is in a powder form instead of a pill or capsule because that is its most effective dosage form. When mixed with liquid, it quickly forms a thin gel-like substance that is ready to work as soon as it enters your body by absorbing toxins and soothing the mucosa (inside wall) of your stomach. The powerful herbal and botanical ingredients in Lean N Clean® are also much more efficiently transported and absorbed by the body in this form. It would take 10-14 capsules to accommodate one dose of Lean N Clean® powder.

Unfortunately, fiber formulas compressed as tablets do not work as effectively as liquid blends. If the tablets are not compressed tightly with binding substances, they will crumble during transportation. However, if they are compressed too tightly they will not dissolve properly. If fiber tablets do not dissolve within 30 minutes, water will leave the stomach leaving the hard tablet behind. When fiber is not dissolved properly with liquid after ingestion it can cause constipation and/or bowel obstruction. Have constipation? Lean N Clean® is one of the BEST constipation remedies.

You can see this yourself if you place a tablet into a glass of warm water. Stir it to simulate the effect of the churning of the stomach muscles and see how long it takes to dissolve.

How is Lean N Clean® Different from Fiber Formulas Like Metamucil?

Metamucil and generic brands contain only psyllium husks and dextrose, whereas Lean N Clean® contains an additional 11 herbal and botanical ingredients specifically chosen to help your body function optimally. The additional ingredients in Lean N Clean® contain vitamins, minerals, and trace elements from whole foods that work together to perform a full body detox of the gastrointestinal tract.

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