What is Lean N Clean?

Lean N Clean is an all natural indigestion remedy and intestinal cleansing supplement designed to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract of excess toxic build up. The toxins that accumulate in our digestive system can contribute to the development of:
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Unlike many detox cleanses Lean N Clean is a proprietary mixture of water soluble fibers, detox herbs, and whole foods. When mixed with water or into diet smoothies, these ingredients form a fiber mesh that helps to absorb and remove waste and impurities that build up over time in the colon. Detox cleansing allows your body to rejuvenate itself and function optimally.

Lean N Clean is an all natural body detox

  • NO harsh laxatives
  • NO stimulants
  • NO gluten
  • NO peanuts
  • NO dairy
  • NO yeast
  • NO hormones

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DISCLAIMER: Individual result may vary.