How to regulate your bowel with Lean N Clean®

Perhaps the best feature of Lean N Clean®, aside from cleansing your intestinal tract and detoxifying your body naturally, is that it puts you in charge of regulating your bowel. Everyone has different requirements and Lean N Clean® allows you make the precise changes you need every time you take it. By adjusting the amount of water/liquid you take with each dose of Lean N Clean®, you can alter the consistency of your stool on a daily basis. If you're constipated you can loosen your stool so that it feels as it naturally should and not like diarrhea. If you have diarrhea, Lean N Clean® can bulk up your stool so that you experience normal bowel movements. Natural bowel movements never require straining.

Taking Lean N Clean® as recommended should result in a looser stool. However, if you need to firm your stool you can simply follow your dose of Lean N Clean® with less water. We recommend that you take Lean N Clean® as directed (twice per day) for at least one week before making these changes on your own. Over the course of your first week you will become familiar with how Lean N Clean® works with your system and you will be better able to decide which changes to make.

To loosen your stool, take Lean N Clean twice per day. Follow each dose with 12-16oz. of plain water. You should begin to experience a looser stool within 24 hours. Some people experience results within 12 hours.

To firm (bulk up) your stool, continue to take Lean N Clean twice per day. However, after each dose you can gradually consume less water until you reach the desired stool consistency. It is important that you do this gradually, as not taking enough water can lead to a bowel obstruction. When you initially follow your dose of Lean N Clean® with 16oz. of water, try 14oz., then 12oz. all the way down to 8oz. until you figure out what works best for you. If your stool is still too loose, take Lean N Clean once a day until you reach the desired consistency. 

Stool Consistency Chart
Desired Consistency LNC dose / Add'l Water LNC dose / Add'l Water LNC dose / Add'l Water
Looser 16oz. / 12oz.--> 16oz. / 14oz.--> 16oz. / 16oz.
Firmer 16oz. / 12oz.--> 16oz. / 10oz.--> 16oz. / 8oz.

Important: These changes must be made gradually over the course of several days and not all at once.

DISCLAIMER: Individual result may vary.