Dietary and Lifestyle Changes

Pay attention to what you eat

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While our herbal formulas for weight loss work wonders, an all around diet & lifestyle change helps greatly. Portions are out of control these days. Many people eat everything on their plate, regardless of how large the serving is or how hungry they are. If you can't visualize one serving of what you're eating, consider using a kitchen scale to help you determine the appropriate amount of food to eat while making healthier choices.

Exercise and good diet to cure diverticulitis and ibs

Dieting without exercise can result in the body stopping itself from losing weight. This is because it senses that it is receiving fewer calories than usual, and in response, it slows down its internal processes. This adjustment is called lowering the basal metabolic rate (BMR), which is the number of calories the body burns each day. The only known way to raise your BMR and have your body store less fat is to increase your physical exercise.

Hydrate your body

 Water is an essential component of all living matter. It is the largest single component of the body. Your brain is 76% water, your lungs are 90% water, and your blood is 84% water. Critical processes such as digestion, circulation, and excretion cannot occur without it. As a major component of blood, it carries nutrients to all vital parts of the body, plays a crucial role in maintaining body temperature and serves as building material for muscle growth and repair. Simply through the activities of daily living, you lose an average of a little over two quarts per day. Generally, you replace this through the fluids and foods you consume. However, exercise, sweating, excess elimination, and temperature can significantly increase the amount of fluid required and, if not replenished, can lead to dehydration. Drinking water throughout the day is a great way to maintain hydration. A good rule of thumb is to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

Eat alkalizing foods

If you eat a diet rich in acid-producing foods, you'll gain weight, especially as fat. By consuming foods that are low acid-producers (fruits and vegetables), you will make your blood less acidic and reduce negative side effects. As you lose fat, your blood pH will be restored to a higher and healthier alkaline level. 

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