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Weight Loss and Lean N Clean®

While we don't sell Lean N Clean® as a weight loss supplement, many of our customers have reported that they've lost weight while using Lean N Clean® for intestinal cleansing. More importantly, they've kept it off with regular maintenance in addition to dietary and lifestyle changes.

As Lean N Clean® performs its detox cleanse, it also sweeps the colon and helps accumulated and compacted waste to leave the body. When built up residue is removed from the intestines, you naturally lose its equivalent in weight in addition to the inches taken up by its storage. Moreover, your body will be better able to increase its absorptive power of micro nutrients. When you are nutritionally sufficient, you will have less hunger pain between meals. Consequently, you will crave less food. You may also find that with improved dietary and lifestyle changes that you crave more healthy food as you see the impact it has on your body and overall health.

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DISCLAIMER: Individual result may vary.