A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Body

A healthy diet is the cornerstone of good health. This principle dates back to many ancient cultures. With the advance of modern medicine, the importance of diet, especially in western cultures has been ignored for many decades. Not until the late twentieth century did western people begin to recognize food as an important healing force. For the first time in history here in the United States, the Surgeon General acknowledged (in 1988) the value of a good diet, while simultaneously condemning typical American eating patterns. According to his statement, fully two-thirds of all deaths are directly affected by improper diet. Moreover, poor eating habits play a large part in the nation's most common killers- Coronary heart disease, stroke, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and some cancers. Holistic approaches have always brought marked improvements when individuals make appropriate dietary changes.

Exercise & Weight Loss

It is important to support your health with an active lifestyle, by working in exercise or activity each day. Take on an outdoor activity or hobby that will provide enjoyment as well as burn calories.

Healthy State of Mind

Another important element of health and balance is keeping a positive frame of mind. Human beings are social, so be involved with people. Nurture and cherish your relationships. Get involved in your community or with a cause that is important to you and can give you a sense of purpose and fulfillment in life.

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